You're a Strong Woman!   

But you need to be supercharged in your Body, Soul and Spirit for 2020!

Do you know that you're called to be a strong woman and save the day in your generation? Receiving God's super on your natural will cause you to be a woman of influence and power like Esther, Jael, Deborah, Proverbs 31 woman.  This summit of equipping will strengthen you to thrive as the strong woman that you are!

1 Strong Woman® Summit is a powerful one day experience where women gather to be equipped, empowered, edified and encouraged to stand as strong women (a.k.a heroine) and impact the Kingdom of God. Be inspired, strengthen and sharpen in your abilities, your purpose, your mind, your soul, your body and your spirit.

At this summit, you will:

  • Learn practical strategies to live as a strong woman in today's culture.

  • Receive impartation, instructions, and insight from experts who have been there and done that.

  • Strengthen your spirit, your soul, your body and your confidence to stand a face your villains.


Through this online Kingdom virtual summit where we interviewed 18 experts, you will learn how to be whole and resilient in the world that tries to suck the life out of you and zap your strength.

Join other strong women for this powerful one-of-kind summit


Practical steps to

effectively discipline your body so 

that you accomplish

your goals and purpose.


Experience freedom by taking away the power of unhealthy emotions, destructive thought patterns and the culture's influence on your soul.


Develop your game plan and create a strong strategy in the top three areas of your life for 2020. Get an upgrade and become the next version of



Understand the difference between being a whole woman vs a fragmented woman. Discern when you need to set boundaries to guard your sanity.


Identify negative habits and lifestyle patterns that are hindering you, destroying you, and blocking you from

walking in your destiny. 

Things You Will Learn...

For the Girl who wants it ALL  


  • Body bundle

  • Soul bundle

  • Spirit bundle

  • Plus bonuses 

    • Becoming Super in Prayer with Angelae Jones​

For the Girl who wants to ONLY focus on   Spirit


  • Becoming Super in the Spirit w/Carolyn Cofield

  • Becoming Super in Soul Winning w/Pastor Lois Whitney

  • Becoming Super in Sonship w/Pastor Sharon Hamilton

  • Becoming Super in Kingdom Abilities w/Garry Buycks Jr.

  • Becoming Super in Crisis and Loss w/Dr. Madelyne Douglas (a.k.a. Dr. D)

  • Become Super In Warfare w/Dr. Jacquie Hadnot

For the Girl who wants to ONLY focus on   Soul


  • Becoming Super in Self-Care w/Kamille Washington

  • Becoming Super Strong in Overcoming Depression w/Dr. Joyce Wallace

  • Becoming Super in Introversion w/Enishika Bilberry

  • Becoming Super in Mental Health First Aid w/Ruthe Workcuff

  • Becoming Super in Emotions and Relationships w/Jackie Buycks

  • Becoming Super In Being Uniquely You w/Shamicka Jones

For the Girl who wants to ONLY focus on   Body


  • Becoming Super in Sexuality and Sexual Purity

  • Becoming Super in Care Taking w/Wisdom Williams

  • Becoming Super in Healthy Living and Eating w/D Marie Mobsy-Peterson

  • Becoming Super Fit in Your Body w/Candice McField

  • Becoming Super in Your Personal Style w/Autumn Tribitt

Message from the Host Chavos

C.A. Buycks
Enishika Bilberry
Pastor Garry Buycks Jr
Carolyn Cofield
Angie Daniels
Pastor Jackie Buycks
Pastor Sharon Hamilton
Dr. Madelyne Douglas
Micka J
D Marie Mobsy-Peterson
Angelae Jones
KaMille Washington
Candice McField
Autumn Tribitt
Wisdom Williams
Elder Ruthe Workcuff

Meet the Supers:

Click the picture to find out more about each session.


Q. When will I get to see the sessions I paid for?

All sessions and bundles will be available starting November 19, 2019. If you pre-ordered then you can come back to the site on November 19, 2019, and any time after that to access your course.

Q. How does it work?

Good question. It's easy. Just click the bundle you would like then click the “Buy” button to get access. You will be asked to enter your email address then pay for your bundle. Next, you will create your account by typing your name and creating a password and then you are all set. You will receive an email confirmation with a link to your bundle and then on or after Nov. 19th, you can begin viewing the virtual online summit. You can watch the sessions in your bundle as many times as you like from your computer, tablet or phone. 

Q. I can't log in to access the summit.

Oh no, we know how this can be frustrating. Let's see if these troubleshooting tips will help:

  • Double-check your username (email address) to see if it was mistyped. It's normal ;)

  • If you copied and pasted your username and password from the confirmation email, check to see if there was an extra space accidentally included when you highlighted the text. Try manually entering your login info.

  • If you forgot your password, try resetting your password. 

  • If none of these things work, please shoot us an email at 1StrongWomanSummit@gmail.com

Q. How can I Join the Heroine Team?

Girrrl Yesss! We're excited to see you want to earn a little extra cash on the side. It’s pretty simple. Complete our affiliate form and we will review your info and send you the affiliate registration link, and all the information you need to help us spread the word about this empowering summit.

Q. Can I Become A Sponsor For the Summit?

We would love to talk to you about being one of the sponsors for the 1 Strong Woman® Summit. Please send us an email at 1StrongWomanSummit@gmail.com and put in the subject 'Sponsorship.'

Q. Is there a refund?

Being that this is an online streaming service and you voluntarily clicked to purchase and that you will have immediate access to the service as of November 19, 2019, we are unable to give refunds.

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